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a store that sells alcoholic beverages for consumption elsewhere

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Price Chopper has petitioned the License Commission for permission to transfer an existing package store all-alcohol license from Milzan Inc.
Package store owners in the Greendale area pointed out that there are already four full liquor licenses and four beer-and-wine licenses within a two-mile radius in that neighborhood.
Lawrence, who describes his business as the largest package store in the state, has a growing amount of competition because Warrior borders dry counties.
Lawrence and other owners of package stores are pushing legislation that would require businesses selling alcoholic beverages for consumption off the premises to mark up their beverages at least 15 percent to cover their costs.
Approval of the license creates the only package store in town, according to Mr.
Under a state formula based on population, West Boylston qualifies for two full-liquor package store licenses.
One license opened in January, when Reservoir Package Store at 27 Sterling St.
The license became open when Reservoir Package Store, which closed in late 2011, failed to renew its license.
Kevin Heath, information gathered during an ongoing investigation of an earlier string of house and car break-ins led officers to a link between the two men and the package store robbery.
The additional charges from the package store robbery were filed Monday.
Johnson said clerks did not ask for identification at Webster Square Package Store, Y D Liquors, and Greendale Liquor and Package Store.
A clerk at Crowley Package Store was arrested after the 19-year-old woman bought alcohol and reported that the clerk was extremely intoxicated, Lt.
At Hometown Wine & Liquors, the only package store to fail the sting, "the 20-year-old went in and showed her ID, which was examined before she was sold a six-pack of beer.
BOSTON -- Yesterday The Boston Globe compared wine prices at local grocery stores that currently carry wine with the prices of wine at local package stores.
com is running smoothly at 44 sites in the greater Denver and Boston areas, with contracts in place to roll out service in thousands of additional package stores across the country.