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make more compact by or as if by pressing

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Franck Blondel looked to have judged the race perfectly from the front aboard Pack Together until the late challenges arrived from Siyoushake and Ammeenah, going down by a short head and a neck.
The way Pack Together stayed on that day suggested a step up to this seven-furlong should play to her strengths though, and this looks an ideal opportunity to enhance her paddock value.
Her Majesty suffered a blow earlier in the week with the news Gold Cup runner-up Estimate is one of those affected by the current contaminated feed case, but Pack Together can offer a small slice of solace at the Esher venue.
Scientists knew that when these proteins, called reflectins, self-assemble and pack together, they create reflective plates that shift the shapes of cells and the color of reflected light.
The 'SimSim Kids' package features a phone and starter pack together for only BD9.
The olive and Kemp's ridleys are unique in that they are the only sea turtles to pack together to protect each other.
The national launch date of June 1 2007 remains, meaning anyone selling their home will be required by law to put a pack together including information on terms of sale, local search replies, planning copies and guarantees for work.
Scientists discovered that M&M sweets pack together more densely than perfect spheres when randomly jumbled in a container.
As this water reaches the Arctic, it cools and increases in density--its molecules pack together so it has more mass, or amount of matter per unit volume.
Pellets fall into a spool-like chamber and pack together solidly, held on both sides by discs at the ends of the spool.
As skipper Tony Handley poinedt out: "David is the glue that binds the team and particularly the pack together.
He kept his pack together in the first half with his fierce competitiveness and tremendous tackling in the loose at a time when the Steelers looked the stronger outfit up front and even on this early form must be a serious candidate for the Wales Under-19 squad.
He should take credit for the way he held the pack together.
The counter shows when it is time to pack together blocks to make a larger bundle.
In addition, because these vascular channels can be constructed in the laboratory with human cells, new forms of cancer therapy could be developed that would specifically interfere with the way tumor cells pack together to form these channels.