pack rat

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someone who collects things that have been discarded by others

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any of several bushy-tailed rodents of the genus Neotoma of western North America

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22 May 2017 - Connecticut, US-based real estate investment firm Athena Real Estate, LLC has acquired South Carolina, US-based storage facility Pack Rat Self Storage to add to its growing portfolio of self-storage facilities, the company said.
I think he thought I was kidding about the pack rat in the blind and decided he would watch from a treestand 100 yards away.
With a twitch of his whiskers, Pack Rat left the yo-yo and began rolling the roller skate up the hill to his house.
Pack rats (also known as wood rats or trade rats) had filled every nook and cranny with debris of all kinds.
If you can self-diagnose yourself as a digital pack rat, I have a couple suggestions.
Meanwhile, a plucky yet emotionally-crippled German Shepherd Delgado (Andy Garcia) helps Chloe to escape her captors, and they go on the run for their lives, crossing paths with Manuel the pack rat (Cheech Marin) and cowardly iguana Chico (Paul Rodriguez).
Meanwhile, the plucky yet emotionally-crippled German Shepherd Delgado (Garcia) helps Chloe to escape from her captors, and they go on the run for their lives, crossing paths with Manuel the pack rat (Marin) and cowardly iguana Chico (Rodriguez).
is a hurricane of creativity, a Renaissance man and a pack rat.
The Return of Pete Pack Rat presents three picturebooks in a conveniently sized hardcover format: "Pete Pack Rat", "Sheriff Sally Gopher and the Haunted Dance Hall", and "Pete Pack Rat and the Gila Monster Gang".
For a person, life as a pack rat is one of obsessively collecting, say, newspapers, computer parts, food containers, or maybe all of these.
I am trying to let go of my obsessive compulsiveness and saving shit like a pack rat.
Of course, the more sources that are used for forest history--such as needle types in fossilized pack rat middens and fire scar frequency in old stumps--the more accurate it becomes.
Jon is a pack rat, saving everything "just in case," while I'm an impulse tosser, doing anything to clear the clutter.
Triatoma gerstaeckeri is considered a sylvatic species, most frequently associated with pack rat (Neotoma spp.