pack of cards

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a pack of 52 playing cards

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He pulled out a pack of cards, wrapped in a bit of paper, from his pocket, and handed them to the prince.
At six months, I caught him gnawing a pack of cards.
Here, four or five great hulking fellows, just visible through a cloud of tobacco smoke, were engaged in noisy and riotous conversation over half-emptied pots of beer, or playing at all-fours with a very greasy pack of cards.
Suddenly, there was a loud blast which brought the entire building down like a pack of cards.
QPR chief Ian Holloway said: "We could've folded like a pack of cards, but showed belief and should have won.
If Rafa goes, they could fall like a pack of cards.
8Da YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Travail 9 Purse 10 Ensue 11 Grimace 12 Pit 13 Obliging 16 Footwear 17 UFO 19 Decried 21 Olive 22 Rough 23 Reliant DOWN: 1 Attempt 2 Falsetto 3 Base 4 Springer 5 Area 6 Beset 8 Legal tender 13 Outright 14 Nautical 15 Modesty 18 Adorn 20 Clue 21 Owls QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Pack of cards 8 Sum 9 Rob 11 Treacle 12 Swirl 13 Urn 14 Pea 15 Winched 17 Foe 19 Once 21 Yoga 23 Idea 25 Flea 27 Bus 29 Freedom 31 Off 34 Tea 36 Alloy 37 Tugboat 38 Tee 39 Use 40 Expenditure DOWN: 1 Purr 2 Amen 3 Kicking 4 Fleece 5 Aisle 6 Drip 7 Sore 8 Stuff 10 Blame 16 Doe 18 Eye 20 Nab 22 Oaf 24 Drought 25 Float 26 Rested 28 State 30 Rhyme 32 Flee 33 Flex 34 Tour 35 Ease
He starred in dozens of films but his career never quite lived up to its early promise and his later fame rested on his ability with a pack of cards - he was a regular in casinos and was one of the world's best bridge players.
Pack of Cards, is the follow-up to the band's EP Redacted, and was released via the duo's bandcamp page on March 30.
He wrote: "Hoping you will send some tobacco and cigarettes and a pack of cards from the Liberal club.
Defendant produced a pack of cards and, laying them on the table, asked one of the women to take out eight of them.
Cards Against Urbanity is an unofficial expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity.
Last year, some 74 people were killed when another building collapsed like a pack of cards in Mumbai.
I carry a pack of cards with me so that when I'm nervous and think I'm going to say something I focus on them.