pack ice

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a large expanse of floating ice


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That minimizes noise clutter from echoes bouncing off the sea surface or pack ice, the researchers say.
At Mercy Bay on the northeast coat, his ship became trapped by the same perennial flow of pack ice.
While our ship had been able to cut through the young, thin sea ice at lower latitudes, the pack ice from 65 degrees south had proved more tricky.
Ongoing climate warming has manifested as shrinking and thinning of pack ice in the Arctic.
Under nearly half a mile of pack ice, without sunlight and fresh air scientist have found life forms in a lake.
They got stuck in pack ice during the summer season, in an area where sea ice is increasing and where 100 years ago, there was none to be seen
AN American heavy icebreaker is leaving Australia for Antarctica to rescue more than 120 crew members aboard two vessels trapped in pack ice near the frozen continent's eastern edge.
Like so many of her predecessors, the Akademik Shokalskiy was trapped in the pack ice, leading to this week's rescue courtesy of a Chinese icebreaker -- which has itself become trapped.
They said that the climate change is also posing a huge threat to the wildlife that relies on the pack ice to survive.
Apparent results of the deformation are drift and ridging events on the ice field, also opening leads in pack ice.
HAVING braved bone-freezing temperatures, polar bears and gaping fissures in the pack ice to conquer the North Pole, Paul Taroni and Andrew Taylor did what any self-respecting Brummie would.
When I showed Richard Glenn [an ice geologist in Barrow] the list, he added sugainnuq and defined it as "huge, moving ice that threatens integrity of the lead edge; could be large piece of pack ice or agglomeration of multiyear ice and first-year ice".
The profiler collects information each day on its position in the moving pack ice and takes measurements of seawater pressure, temperature, and salt content.
Tireless, which had 130 crewmen on board, surfaced immediately, punching a hole through the pack ice for survivors to be airlifted to safety.