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an animal (such as a mule or burro or horse) used to carry loads

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David Grant, head trainer at Pack Animal Fitness, said: "ZUU is bodyweight training at its best - and can be done anywhere by anyone.
pack animals, trails, structures, camp sites, rest stops, portable artifacts, etc.
This is the only campground at Scab Creek that allows pack animals.
Pack animals are the pickup truck of the backcountry, and for the most part horses ably fill the role.
R's such a timeless image--the shadow of a human leading a pack animal," BJ says.
It is the 'demonic' or pack animal that is the Deleuzian favourite, the philosopher's pet.
50) a year for each of their hairy yaks, a vital pack animal that is also kept for milk and meat.
The conditions were challenging, with anyone wishing to traverse the land there having to do so on foot or by pack animal, the inquest was told.
Transportation of supplies and materiel preceding modem day machines relied on some form of pack animal, principally horses.
It seems we have become enamored with the idea that the dog is a pack animal having the same social structure as its wolf pack forebears.
At that time I served with Troop F of the 124th Cavalry Regiment which was eventually sent to the China-Burma-India Theater for pack animal service and combat against the Japanese forces.
The mule's gait, again inherited from the mother, makes it an effective pack animal, providing an exceptionally smooth ride for its cargo.
A gradual introduction of handling of the head, ears and legs with positive reinforcement will reward patient llama owners with a well-behaved pet or pack animal.
And dogs exert less wear on the wilds than ally other pack animal.
Over supper at a nearby ranch that evening, a friend offered to loan me a saddle horse and a pack animal to retrieve the elk.