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Synonyms for pacifism

Synonyms for pacifism

the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable

the belief that all international disputes can be settled by arbitration


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I totally disagree with Phil because, in my opinion, pacifism is flagrantly immoral.
As the author notes, in this collection "there is more representation from the post-World War II era because pacifism became more organized during the Cold War.
Yet Abe has failed to explain the merits of his policies, and the need to shift to what he calls"proactive pacifism," apparently because he has underestimated the weight of demography and overestimated his popularity among the elderly, traditional supporters of the LDP.
In his 1932 book Moral Man and Immoral Society, Reinhold Niebuhr lays out some history The Italian socialists used pacifism to oppose the fascists.
The book is organized as a back-and-forth conversation that proceeds from the extremely common questions that are immediately put to Christian pacifists ("Isn't pacifism passive?
Nevertheless, anti-gun Christians pressuring Congress insist that the Bible teaches pacifism as the only moral response to hostile attack.
The consequences of NOT using cyber warfare now outweigh cyber pacifism.
It's based on their unpublished memoirs, interviews and the author's research and considers their influence on pacifism and peace-building efforts around the world.
Hence, it is almost strange to associate Magnes with pacifism.
Pacifism and non-violence are ideas that Amy Peters has always believed in.
Well, pacifism is one of the many elements in the nature of the Welsh, though Saunders Lewis was anything but pacifist in his involvement in the arson at the Penyberth Bombing School.
In those pages Daniel Maguire suggests he will pursue a "third way" between pacifism and just war as "usually presented.
David Cortright, meanwhile, through a detailed examination of both the history of peace movements and core themes connected to the study of peace, aims to provide a defense of the place of peace and the role of pacifism in global affairs.
Paul Alexander offers a theological argument that pentecostals should restore the pacifism that marked the movement's inception.
Quaker values such as pacifism, social justice, community and open-mindedness can be explored by visitors, who are welcome regardless of their religious beliefs.