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Synonyms for pacifier

anything that serves to pacify

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device used for an infant to suck or bite on

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Smith's pacifier also referred to as "Mi Binky" has a capsule attached to the top shield part of the pacifier.
Rispoli also emphasized that people should hide things like pacifiers instead of leaving them out if they have dogs.
The distribution of losses was compared according to the types of milk consumed, socioeconomic and birth variables, number of prenatal consultations and pacifier use.
The pacifiers one-piece exterior is made of silicone, and officials for the Dallas-based company say it is resistant to absorbing tastes, odors or stickiness and is BPS-, BPA-, latex- and phthalate-free.
Healthcare practitioners to discourage the use of pacifiers.
Pacifier use was also analysed as a consequence of the difficulties encountered by mothers to maintain BF as source of satisfaction of their infants' non-nutritive sucking urge; moreover, pacifiers' prolonged use has been correlated with the development of myofunctional and dental disorders (Verrastro et al.
Pacifier Sanitizer is a major convenience for parents: Instead of boiling to sanitize a new or dirty pacifier, now just spray CleanSmart Pacifier Sanitizer, wait 60 seconds, and give it back to the baby.
The incredibly catchy Pacifier has a new video in which the band are caught up in a game of football.
Using tape to secure a pacifier to silence a wailing baby may be a violation of Republic Act No.
Brown's has rolled out a series of new wipes for a variety of baby's needs--Tooth & Gum, Nose & Face and Pacifier & Bottle wipes.
European baby products company Difrax announces a new three-stage orthodontic pacifier system designed to meet a baby's unique needs at every age.
In a group of 184 children, who were followed from birth, the researchers registered how many infants used a pacifier in the first 6 months of life and how the parents cleaned the pacifier.
First, with rare exception, a pacifier should not be offered to a neonate until her mother's milk is established and regular weight gain has been demonstrated for several days.
The Results: Eleven percent of the parents said they used honey on their baby's pacifier.