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someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes

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6) They were incorporated first by radical pacificists in Holland, France, and England, and then traveled to North America, where even labor unions took them up.
She notes, however, that in A Dream of John Ball Morris departed from contemporary historians' accounts of the Peasants' War, for example, in rejecting their claim that the egalitarian John Ball was probably a Lollard (member of a somewhat less pacificist fourteenth-century 'quaker'-like movement).
This story helped me define my world view as a Socialist, anti-Imperialist and pacificist.
Less kindly, one might worry that in her pacificist period Weil was briefly attracted to consequentialism because it was possible to estimate the consequences in such a way as to justify pacifism.
To my eyes, the credit crunch and the banking crisis should have taught us important lessons about the true value of life, the kind of values that the social activist, pacificist and poet JuliaWard Howe proclaimed.
The presence of Chinese warships in foreign waters is sure to fan nationalist flames in Japan, a past war-time foe, whose pacificist constitution frustrates its involvement in military operations abroad, said Phil Deans, professor of international relations at Temple University's Tokyo campus.
Ada Mary Brown Courtice: Pacificist, feminist and educational reformer in early twentieth-century Canada.
Lyons also insightfully analyzes literary "antitourism"--"an alternative mode of seeing, always concerned with the materialist conditions obscured by Pacificist writing" (22)--in the works of Albert Wendt, Sia Figiel, Teresia Teaiwa, and many other Oceanian writers who document contemporary indigenous resistance to Euro-American takeover, a resistance that politically and culturally has a long history in the region and in Hawai'i (Silva).
Easton uncovers and presents most of those observations as he traces Kessler's eventful life as art patron, diplomat, and pacificist.