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the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable

the belief that all international disputes can be settled by arbitration


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The sixth and last volume of the complete essays runs from 1933 to 1941, years that tested but failed to subdue her feminism and pacificism.
Despite official pacificism, Japan's armed forces "do not lack for hardware and the Navy has about 50 large surface ships, compared with China's odd-70.
We look forward to reading Penny Griffith's work on pacificism and the Baxter family in another format soon, and remember Keri Hulme's presentation on Baxter, Burns, and animals.
What most clearly distinguished their reforming agenda from those of others was not pacificism or separatism, which were not native to it, but simply "their refusal to accept the limits on reform imposed by civil authorities" (100).
It does not accord with Garrisonian pacificism, but it so frequently turns toward violence that Brown risks appearing sensationalist (confirming C.
Patton and the War-Winning Sherman Tank Myth", "Veterans Tell Their Stories and Why Historians and Others Listened", "American Pacificism, the 'Greatest Generation,' and World War II", "Hiroshima and the U.
Her pacificism and intransigence have made her a model.
Chapter 4, "Nonconformists, Nonresistors, and Citizens," exposes how men's conforming to the fashion of the outer society provoked more stringent dress requirements for Mennonite women and how changes in gender roles in non-Mennonite society during both world wars, as well as the Mennonite policy of pacificism, led many women away from the traditional life of hearth and home.
It might perhaps have benefited from both a closer reading of Louise Campbell's detailed monograph on the Cathedral and more explicit attention to the relatively complex roots of Britten's own post-war pacificism.
Second Thoughts on Pre-Constantinian Early-Christian Attitudes toward Soldiering and War," Charles points to the dominance of a historical narrative according to which the purity of pacificism in the early church gradually gave way to increasingly compromised views permitting Christian participation in affairs of the state and he points to the prescriptive theological character of such a historical view when it is used as a point of advocacy for Christian pacificism.
Alonso, the author of The Women's Peace Union and the Outlawry of War, 1921-1942 and Peace as a Women's Issue, is particularly concerned with the swelling and ebbing of Sherwood's pacificism.
Vulgar pacificism," as John Courtney Murray called it--that is,peace for the sake of peace one, or peace as the mere absence of war-was thus ruled out, for Augustine roundly denounced the "unjust peace" of the proud and wicked tyrant.
While ideological pacificism has declined in recent years and most Japanese are permissive, if not supportive, of an enhanced role for the SDF overseas, Japan will at no time in the foreseeable future become the 'UK of Asia.
Fred Allhoff 's Lightning in the Night (1940) similarly criticizes the American lack of readiness and misplaced pacificism by showing that the latter only results in the near-defeat of the USA.
Either there can be no peace, peace is merely the absence of open violence but not of threat, or there exists a utopian version of peace, perhaps to be arrived at by pacificism.