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Synonyms for pacification

the act of appeasing someone or causing someone to be more favorably inclined

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a treaty to cease hostilities

actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

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He theorizes that pacification produced capitalism, as the dispossession of feudal peasants and Indigenous peoples from their lands, along with the exploitation of workers so that they conform to wage labour relations, was enforced through security mechanisms and policing.
Minister Reynders has called for pacification on the ground, by all parties.
Daddis argues that Westmoreland recognized the need for pacification and other counterinsurgency measures, but failed to articulate his strategy publicly or to his commanders in the field, ending up conducting what was in essence an unwinnable war.
This is a difficult time but we are not going to back to how things were seven years ago," said Major Marcelo Cobrage, coordinator of the Police Pacification Units or UPPs.
In March 1815, Detroiters gathered at Ben Woodworth's Hotel to celebrate the end of the War of 1812 in an event called the Grand Pacification Ball.
The crime reflects the takfiris' rage because of the fact that Tripoli locals are committed with the national values and shows the terrorists' annoyance due to the atmosphere of tolerance, pacification and dialogue that is taking place in Lebanon, according to the statement.
Al-Sisi said reconstruction following the recent 50-day conflict, which ended on 26 August, requires permanent pacification, as well as for the PA to exercise its legitimacy.
Since 2008, Rio's police have been backed by the military in a so-called pacification program, in which they enter favelas with overwhelming force and establish a permanent presence.
That kind of surreptitious activity is perceptibly well under way now to spread out the notion that the Haqqani network has been spread of this pacification operation in the tribal agency.
The report mentioned that although Brazil had reached a stable point in 2012 after four years of pacification and reduction in homicides, however, muggings are up 46.
But the pacification program has encountered difficulties in recent months, as police units have been fired on and some officers have been accused of abuses against the local residents.
In recent years, Police Pacification Units (UPPs) have been installed in 174 Rio favelas, home to around 600,000 people.
In May 1967, Komer arrived in Vietnam to implement the pacification program.
The ambassadors called for a pacification, affirming that the political differences should be resolved through dialogue and not .
The former footballer's wife, Geisha Silva was getting ready to go to work as a social worker in Rio's Pacification Units around 5:30 a.