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in a peaceable manner


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While the demonstrators were pacifically going to the apartheid wall to claim theright of Palestinians to live free and to get back their occupied land from theneighbor settlements, the Israeli soldiers stopped the march, and prevent demonstrators to arrive to the area near the wall, immediately the solders started shot rubberbullet ,stun grenade at the demonstrators and covered the area with tear gas, causing injury to four participants.
Most of the conflicts that arise every day are pacifically managed and transformed, and most of the actions that people undertake within a conflict are aimed at creating peace.
In addition to influencing--for the best--today's debate on Canadian unity, the Court's opinion has a universal scope and significance that may help pacifically solve complex and delicate national breakup situations along the principles of clarity, the rule of law and justice for all.
The water shone pacifically, the sky without a speck was a benign immensity of unstained light, the very mist on the Essex marshes was like a gauzy and radiant fabric .
In what follows, I will only treat three cases of competition among relational adjectives and noun-noun compounding in German, one where relational and compound patterns are in complementary distribution, one where both patterns coexist pacifically and a third one where cases of blocking at the lexeme level can be observed.
that I was imprisoned for solely political considerations, for the fact that I pacifically and lawfully fought for the protection of the rights
This means that in free society each individual cooperates with the rest of society so that his personal sovereignty can pacifically coexist with other people's sovereignty without injuring it.
The difference of creation from God--this is the difference nothing makes--is imparted pacifically and generously.
Kitade's sleeping Buddha pacifically lay on the work table and about 50 percent complete, my initial thoughts were of the time I visited the embalming room of a South Bronx funeral home almost a decade prior.
There is nothing extraordinary in this Muslim conduct if we bear in mind the perennial Muslim blueprint of world expansion of Dar al Islam, which allows for, indeed encourages and promotes, the repeated penetration of Dar-al-Harb, pacifically if possible, violently if necessary, with the purpose of subjugating and eliminating other cultures and attaining world rule.
The pattern would remain during much of the 1980s and 1990s, as we shall see, but with two notable differences: efforts at negotiation would become more common; and in certain cases, numbers of Latin undergrounders would fold pacifically into overt political parties, shaping their ambitions in more legitimate fashions.
They also opened a recognized public space and promoted any new association that would oppose terrorism pacifically, (22) with collective refusals of violence and disapproval of ETA actions.
Pacifically is the most obvious ode to David Yow's former band, and it's an apt centrepiece for the album, starting off in a more straightahead hardcore vein before slashing, angular riffs take over and propel it to an unholy climax, anchored by a filthy bassline and thunderous drumming.
America sees itself as an enlightened and pacifically inclined agent of liberty and human advancement in a dark landscape of diabolical spirits, not as an imperial beast of prey let loose upon the world, because "we are on the side of Light, they on the side of Darkness" (Huxley 1952, 175).
Now this is the Aikido of diplomacy: admit everyone, admit all possibilities, embrace enemies, then ask the enemy to lead the way--since, being already a nuclear state, Israel has more burden to bear than Iran, which merely and pacifically wishes to become one.