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the first lap of a car race that prepares the cars for a fast start

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Instead of sitting still at the starting line and waiting for the official to signal the start, like you do in track and field, the pace lap allows the racers to have momentum when the race starts.
After demolishing the front end of his race car in an opening-lap 20-car pile up, Rose was able to return to the race on the pace lap of the restart with a borrowed radiator and no front bumper, fenders or hood.
But his mood quickly turned sour when his car blew its engine during the pace lap.
The newest star on the Indy-car circuit continued his remarkable season, winning for the fourth time in six races - in his backup car, no less, after a crash on the final pace lap destroyed his primary machine.
Foyt and Trotman will drive their Cobras in front of the field behind Jones during the parade laps, and will enter the pits while Jones leads the final pace lap to the green flag.
Since then, the pace laps that start the race have become a popular tradition of the Indy 500.
55 car of Michael Waltrip leaked fuel during pace laps, further delaying the start.
Despite posting a succession of qualifying pace laps he was unable to close the gap and ended the race one in fifth place.
The first release from MELEE/NASCAR is the special two-disc set "NASCAR Winston Cup 2002" which captures NASCAR's close, competitive, side-by-side racing, the excitement as drivers fire up their machines and take their pace laps, the earth-shaking thunder as the pack takes the green flag, and more.
A second car ran out of gas during the pace laps for the race.
Parkinson said the pace laps -- Monte Carlo leading the pack in front of millions of fans -- provide great image exposure for the brand.
pre-race pace laps, followed by the track's largest field of major league drivers in nearly 30 years.