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Synonyms for pabulum

Synonyms for pabulum

any substance that can be used as food

insipid intellectual nourishment

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It is also said to come from the Latin: pabulum meaning food or nourishment.
To make the moment explicit, in the subsequent move we see the wife ritualistically as well as committedly opening her prayer-book, when in the wake of a short disruption (without any indication of either doubt or chagrin) she determinedly navigates into the unrestrictedly commodious, high-vaulted architexture of meditation, consolation and hope--her spiritual and existential pabulum.
We're chopped liver, apparently, gawking at newscasters peddling pabulum off censored teleprompts.
Indifferent to the pabulum of patriotism and uncaring about either money or the future, the narrator agrees out of sheer curiosity.
Instead of narrative specificity and individual lives, he offered cheap political pabulum for the masses.
In a better world, he would be, as direst punishment for whatever it is alleged he has done, branded, ostracized, and cast adrift on seas of unutterable pabulum and mediocrity.
At any moment, my heart a bowl of pabulum, stirred or eaten.
Figures revealed by school caterer Pabulum, in the south-east England, showed that around 20 of the 48 schools it supplied chose non-pork options.
In Polly II, likewise, there's no pabulum of a long-term happy ending, only "a brief jubilee," as one character describes it, "before renewed repression and reprisals.
The anti-Wall Street slogans and rhetoric have their own logic and dynamic that should--in struggle and over time--push aside left-liberal pabulum and weak reformist nostrums that cannot possibly even begin to contain, much less defeat, the hegemonic power of massed capital.
gave us a soundtrack to live by that wasn't the pabulum dominating the airwaves at the time -- Journey, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, Train.
But this response is too easy; it will simply encourage our government lawyers to serve up pabulum instead of more piquant and controversial recipes.
Jones argued that the chiefs gave pabulum advice and watered down recommendations and didn't fulfill the functions of the job.
Colander's review contained this troubling passage: "While there are no theorems, proofs or lemmas, there is a connected argument that goes far beyond the pabulum found in most wide-ranging popular books.
For these dangerous and divisive elements the legislation proposed in the Race Relations Bill is the very pabulum they need to flourish.