p-type semiconductor

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a semiconductor in which electrical conduction is due chiefly to the movement of positive holes

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For the conversion of the solar radiation into electrical energy with a cathodic DSC (or p- DSC) that works through the photoactivation of a reduction process [12,14], the main prerequisite is the preparation of a p-type semiconductor with mesoporous morphology that chemisorb high amounts of dye sensitizers and create an extended electrochemical interface with the electrolyte (vide infra) [15].
The design of most Peltier devices requires the use of both an n-type semiconductor and a p-type semiconductor.
The holes of a p-type semiconductor effectively represent free positively charged regions that can move about the p-type semiconductor material.
But that's not all, because joining a p-type semiconductor to an n-type semiconductor offers a way to finely control the flow of electric current, and is the foundation for our digital world.
When the researchers instead replaced the next two thiophenes from the ends, the molecule behaved as a p-type semiconductor.