p-n junction

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the junction between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor

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In this part, p-n junction was formed by synthesizing the n-type gel on the top of shortly before synthesized p-type gel.
Similar to the physically contacted p-n junction, chemically contacted p-n junctions showed also different response for different swelling ratio.
Baskys, "The model of the p-n junction depletion region v-i characteristic considering the dependence of concentration of majority carriers on voltage", in Proc.
To examine the derived equations of injection level, three silicon p-n junctions with different impurity concentrations (Table I) were analyzed.
The zinc oxide wires form the "n" component of a p-n junction, with the gallium nitride thin film providing the "p" component.
The internal voltage across the p-n junction sweeps the electrons and holes in opposite directions because of their opposite charges.
These include statements relating to the potential performance of indium gallium phosphide-based and indium nitride-based nanostructured solar cells; the potential to create high-efficiency solar cells at low cost for the emerging terrestrial renewable energy market; and the potential to achieve conversion efficiencies exceeding 40% with a single p-n junction device.
By biasing one gate with a negative voltage and the other with a positive voltage, a p-n junction can be formed.
The low forward voltage drop of the Schottky barrier rectifier makes it more efficient than traditional P-N junction devices such as ultra-fast recovery rectifiers.
In contrast to a conventional p-n junction diode, Schottky-barrier diodes carry current only by majority carriers (electrons).
The researchers have developed a photovoltaic cell, comprising of 36 individual arrays of silicon nanowires featuring radial p-n junctions.
2]) with two P-N junctions layered vertically, one atop the other.
The Endeavor-AT's DC-RF coupled S-Gun chamber eliminates electrical damage to the LED p-n junctions during silicon nitride deposition, ensures low substrate temperatures during deposition, and creates high-density nitride films with near-zero intrinsic stress and good optical properties.