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any of a class of unstable chemical compounds resulting from the addition of ozone to a double bond in an unsaturated compound

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During one of these visits they also returned to studies of the ozone-ethylene system in an attempt to produce the primary ozonide of ethylene.
The researchers inferred that inhalation of fine airborne particulates is an essential cofactor for ozonide production.
Generally, ozone attacks the > C = C < bond of the limonene and forms a primary ozonide, which rapidly decomposes to carbonyls and Criegee biradi-cals.
Due to absorption reaction ozone reacts on DPE and forms an ozonide as intermediate, which upon hydrolysis yields pyridine-4-aldehyde (PA).
This structure decomposes to Zwitterion (1) and a carbonyl compound (2), which can recombine to a normal ozonide (3).
By the reaction between ozone and the super-oxide anion radical the ozonide anion radical [O.
If stress is also applied to the rubber while it is being exposed to ozone, surface cracking results as the molecular chains of the polymer are broken at the location of the ozonide groups.
3] is also hypothesized to initiate intracellular oxidative stress through ozonide and hydroperoxide formation (Pryor 1992).