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a chronic disease of the nose characterized by a foul-smelling nasal discharge and atrophy of nasal structures


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Among three patients, two were relieved of their crusting, ozena, and headache.
Asteraceae), called Fructus Xanthii, have been used for treatment of various inflammatory diseases including allergic rhinitis, tympanitis, urticaria, arthritis and ozena (Zhu, 1998; Han et al.
ozaenae produces ozena or atrophic rhinitis, an infection that compromises the nasal epithelium which results in clinic symptoms such as: anosmia, green mucopurulent and fetid exudates, and nose obstruction whose histological findings are consistent with focal areas of squamous metaplasia, damage of the mucosal glands and therefore mucus secretion alteration (7).
Mudslides closed northbound Highway 33 at Wheeler Hot Springs and southbound lanes at Lockwood Valley Road in the Ozena campground area.
Six miles later, State 33 meets Lockwood Valley Road at the Ozena Ranger Station.