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hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary gland (trade name Pitocin)

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Seeing high oxytocin levels in assistance dogs is completely consistent with their behavioral phenotype--that they're very, very friendly dogs that are not aggressive toward people or other dogs," MacLean says.
Each dog was tested twice: once under the influence of oxytocin, which was administered as part of the test, and once without oxytocin.
Ferguson JN, Young LJ, Hearn EF, Matzuk MM, Insel TR, Winslow JT Social amnesia in mice lacking the oxytocin gene.
Oxytocin, which regulates a variety of social behaviors including maternal-infant and pair bonding, has garnered substantial interest as a potential pharmacotherapeutic agent for stress-induced mental disorders in humans, because it has repeatedly shown promising anti-anxiety effects observed in animal models.
The hormone oxytocin is present in humans too and has been implicated in many functions that involve social interaction.
Regarding reduction of blood loss in the present study, Oxytocin was most effective and Misoprostol least.
Rat dams exposed repeatedly to a daily brief separation from the pups exhibit increased maternal behavior, decreased anxiety and altered levels of receptors for estrogens (ERa, ERp), oxytocin and serotonin (5-HT1A) in their brain.
Oxytocin, brain physiology, and functional connectivity: A review of intranasal oxytocin fMRI studies.
In the most recent Report on Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in South Africa for the triennium 2005-2007, there were two deaths in which oxytocin was contributory.
Similarly, in September 2015, large quantities of oxytocin injections were seized from a person during a raid conducted by a team of the Drugs Control Department near New Delhi Railway Station.
Oxytocin + ergometrine has mainly been reserved as a secondline agent in the management of PPH at the time of CS.
Here are some facts about oxytocin and its role in our experience of love.
Oxytocin and our experience of love I WAS walking through my local high street recently and couldn't help but notice various Valentines' promotions.
1-3) Oxytocin is an important hormone that is released by hugging and cuddling, but a plethora of recent research is revealing that it may have far broader effects than those we typically associate with this hormone.
Hormone therapy with oxytocin might be a useful part of those treatment approaches, but more study is needed to define its risks and benefits.