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a drug that induces labor by stimulating contractions of the muscles of the uterus

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Side effects with different oxytocics are shown in Table 3.
In these settings it is not practically possible to administer parenteral oxytocics and misoprostol will prove an easy treatment options for women dying of PPH, as non-availability of easy to use, carry and store uterotonic agents is major hurdle to prevent life threatening post-partum hemorrhage in developing world22.
Future Market Insights' published report on the global oxytocic pharmaceuticals market estimates that the market, which is presently valued at US$ 62.
The charge says that between October 2007 and March 2010, she administered a bolus (intravenous) dose of an oxytocic (labour-inducing) drug to one or more patients at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital.
I was told 'the trend of foetal bradycardia associated with your practice suggested the inappropriate administration of an oxytocic drug'.
Sage, aniseeds, and fenugreek were used across all trimesters for flatulence and in the third trimester for their oxytocic effect.
4] Furthermore, there is evidence that indigenous plants such as Agapanthus africanus and Pentanisia prunelloides, commonly used in traditional herbal remedies during pregnancy and childbirth, may have oxytocic properties.
While in expectant management there is no use of prophylactic oxytocic agent, no cord clamping until pulsation cease and delivery of placenta by maternal effort and gravity rather than cord traction and no routine use of uterine massage until the uterus is atonic6.
Keywords: Postpartum haemorrhage, Third stage of labour, Active management of third stage, Misoprostol, Oxytocic drugs.
Nutritive Daily dosage suggestions: 5-10g as infusion (bitter) 3-7ml of a 1:2 tincture in divided doses (weekly dose 20-50) Cautions: None known Cnicus Actions that may support Referred to as a galac- benedictus galactagogue effect: tagogue by Sayre (1917) (blessed Thymoleptic in his USA Pharmacognosy thistle) Anxiolytic Text, where it also Digestive bitter tonic states that the cold Diaphoretic infusion is a bitter Emmenagogue (could tonic and the hot suggest oxytocic effect) infusion a diaphoretic Daily dosage suggestions: and emetic in larger 6g dried leaves as infusion doses.
I the late 1970s, 2 groups of researchers noted unexpected serious adverse reactions in studies of debrisoquine, (5) a sympatholytic antihypertensive drug, and sparteine, (6) an antiarrhythmic and oxytocic alkaloid drug.
Such a synthesis may also provide an unlimited source of the oxytocic hormone for possible expansion of its use in clinical medicine, particularly in obstetrics, and in veterinary medicine, he said.
Coriander oil is used for body and face wrinkles, joint and muscular pains, and an oxytocic agent.
It is used as spasmogenic, oxytocic, uterotonic, anti-bacterial, anti-implantation, anti-tumour, anti-progestational, antiestrogenic activity against menorrhagia and anti-cancer.