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conjoining contradictory terms (as in 'deafening silence')

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Okay, so I'm not completely sure what oxymoron means but it sounds like it was invented by morons, so it's at least half right.
While I may be swayed on this by my own experience, print journalism, admittedly financially distressed, is still a far piece from being an oxymoron.
A new DVD attempts to prove that "Christian comedian" is not an oxymoron.
Liberal religion is an oxymoron but many embrace that label and are a large part of the atheist and humanist community but all their successes undermine it.
When I awoke in the morning and looked at the whole picture, I thought, 'What an oxymoron.
But erotic love between two members of the same sex is an oxymoron.
Creation Science is an oxymoron based on a myth regarding the origin of living things.
Even though that sounds like an oxymoron, there is something to it.
Kent-Drury acknowledges that to some educators, "the term Internet research is an oxymoron," then proceeds to identify Internet sources on the topic of World Literature that may be used to teach essential critical thinking skills.
In short, they were making an oxymoron out of the term "student athlete.
Male caregiver is not an oxymoron according to Kramer (social work, U.
Oxymoron means a rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in deafening silence.
A "predictable surprise," of course, is an oxymoron, but it makes for a catchy title--and in the case of this book, an interesting and nicely conceived rumination on how leaders in business and government might do a better job of avoiding calamities that they should at least have had a good inkling of.
Tell us about your upcoming book on classical improvisation (an oxymoron nowadays).