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a breathing device that is placed over the mouth and nose

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Jeanes asked Kinchella to marry him after the oxygen masks have been deployed.
Station manager Franny Hill said: "The pet oxygen mask was vital in bringing this lucky dog back to consciousness and the kits will be of benefit to crews who attend fires in future where animals are involved.
The pilot came over the tannoy shouting "emergency", the oxygen masks fell down, and the plane quickly descended before landing at Frankfurt, according to the fiancee of a passenger on the plane.
The pilot came on the speaker and announced 'prepare for emergency descent' and then released all of the oxygen masks," said John.
The captain kept talking to us, which couldn't have been easy because he was wearing an oxygen mask in a cockpit that was filling with smoke and fumes.
The prosecutor said that during the identification process, an oxygen mask was found wrapped around a passenger's neck.
Did you know that someone was found with an oxygen mask over their mouth?
Pet oxygen mask kits include three different size masks that allow oxygen to be administered to animals of any size - from hamster to foal.
5 on Springfield's Pheasant Street to demonstrate one of 35 new companion animal oxygen masks donated to the fire department by the McKenzie Cascade Dog Fanciers Club.
Skeptical at first because, after all, we failed to understand how the air that we breathed could be packed on a face, the Oxygen mask proved not so bad after all.
It was the fitting of your own oxygen mask instruction that actually struck a note with me.
The pet oxygen mask initiative puts masks that are sized and shaped for animals in the hands of rescue personnel, allowing emergency responders to effectively administer oxygen to pets rescued from fires and other emergencies.
Summary: Firemen in Detroit are filmed rescuing two young dogs from a burning house, and then resuscitating them using an oxygen mask.
CELTIC midfielder Ki Sung Yueng could be forced to train for the World Cup wearing an oxygen mask.
I then realized that securing my own oxygen mask was the most selfless and helpful thing I could do for everyone else.