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a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas

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If process upsets cause a reducing condition (flue gas oxygen levels decline to zero), a stoichiometer feature provides an indication of the level of oxygen deficiency during this event.
SCBA units are worn by firefighters in situations that involve smoke, heat, toxic gases or oxygen deficiency.
Hiba, Nadine and Ali remain in a critical condition and have no external injuries, but they have a severe oxygen deficiency and are currently on life support.
Mark Stewart QC, defending, said: "We have heard that when her neck was being compressed she suffered oxygen deficiency to her brain.
The body tissues, especially the brain and heart, suffer from oxygen deficiency.
On top of that he was not breathing properly when he went to sleep, and it was causing an oxygen deficiency but they helped to stop that.
These spaces involve atmospheric hazards, such as oxygen deficiency and combustible and/or toxic gases.
But the cells that succeed in utilizing glycolysis exhibit their innate will to survive; these are the ones that don't die from the oxygen deficiency.
When the nutrients are used up and the algae dies and decomposes, oxygen can be used up causing an oxygen deficiency in the water.
on Friday afternoon, after they succumbed to oxygen deficiency while climbing
As coastal eutrophication phenomena such as oxygen deficiency due to the decomposition of drifting algae are largely stochastic and difficult to forecast and assess in most estuaries, including the Neva estuary, I chose to study the littoral communities during a period with a maximum notable effect of the decomposition of drifting algae on the communities.
Doctors put her into an artificial coma after she suffered from cramping fits due to oxygen deficiency and kidney problems and was brought from the prison cellar to hospital by Fritzl.
It is a characteristic feature of the myocardium that the derangement in function [6] and the depletion of the ATP pool [1, 2, 9] that occur subsequent to oxygen deficiency persist when blood flow is restored.
Dr Grocott was leading the Caudwell Xtreme Everest team investigating hypoxia - oxygen deficiency in the blood - and set a record by constructing the world's highest laboratory at the South Col and taking blood samples near the peak.