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a nonmetallic bivalent element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless nonflammable diatomic gas

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In this case, the excessive moisture level creates oxygen deficiency and soil inhabitants start reproducing and feeding on the roots and make them rot.
As the oxygen deficiency increases, the positive peak at the superconducting transition temperature moves toward a higher temperature region with its width broadening.
Other topics include a first-principles study of oxygen deficiency in rutile titanium dioxide, fabricating three-dimensionally ordered macroporous and mesoporous titania monoliths by a dual-templating approach, the ellipsometric characterization of thin nanocomposite films with tunable refractive index for biochemical sensors, rational designs with nanocomposites based on titanium dioxide for solar photocatalytic purification, and high efficiency front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitive solar cells.
This kind of training is crucial to industry since about half of the deaths related to confined spaces are due to oxygen deficiency and lack of air testing.
If process upsets cause a reducing condition (flue gas oxygen levels decline to zero), a stoichiometer feature provides an indication of the level of oxygen deficiency during this event.
SCBA units are worn by firefighters in situations that involve smoke, heat, toxic gases or oxygen deficiency.
Hiba, Nadine and Ali remain in a critical condition and have no external injuries, but they have a severe oxygen deficiency and are currently on life support.
It was believed that the provision of continuous information would enable clinicians to detect babies exposed to oxygen deficiency.
As previously mentioned, the yellow flame at the start is due to an oxygen deficiency in the fuel mix and, as a result of this, incomplete combustion occurs.
Mark Stewart QC, defending, said: "We have heard that when her neck was being compressed she suffered oxygen deficiency to her brain.
The funds will be dedicated to the company's continuing research, development efforts and clinical programmes targeting anemias resulting from oxygen deficiency.
The observed response could be attributed to the absence of an oxygen deficiency in TO, or to hypoxic periods of intensity or duration insufficient to affect productivity significantly.