oxygen debt

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a cumulative deficit of oxygen resulting from intense exercise

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Between 60% and 70% MHR, the same individual would be consuming so much glucose that their metabolism will fall dearly in their "red zone" resulting in a large oxygen debt.
2] decline during the recovery period may be due to not only the magnitude of oxygen debt but also the V[O.
Post exercise oxygen consumption has been termed EPOC and is caused by oxygen debt from exercise (17).
This caused oxygen debt and Ross was born with cerebral palsy.
It has been suggested that untransfusable patients receive hyperbaric therapy if they accumulate an oxygen debt of >9 L/kg, go into shock, become disoriented, or exhibit signs or symptoms of coronary or bowel ischemia (35).
He must have built up the biggest oxygen debt in racing history.
You're short of breath and no doubt that at times your body feels in oxygen debt.