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a mixture of oxygen and acetylene

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Skill competence "I'm excited to MIG weld again and see how my and safety skills are, and oxyacetylene still worries me.
Oxyacetylene is highly flammable and can explode if it becomes over heated.
And the hot oxyacetylene flame requires extra care when working with sensitive metals such as aluminium.
Submarine Mechanical: Of units surveyed, 68% did not have a complete portable oxyacetylene cutting apparatus.
If you have access to an oxyacetylene setup, you can use Silvaloy 355 which needs a temperature of around 1200 degrees F to work properly.
Discussing Metweld CNC portable cutting machines, Kumar said the cutting of plates is achieved with the use of oxyacetylene and plasma.
1981 Workman narrowly escaped injury this afternoon when the oxyacetylene burning equipment they were using in their Newcastle City centre premises blew up in their faces.
The oxyacetylene flame is used for the autogenouswelding of metals.
You would use tools such as hammer drills, oxyacetylene cutting equipment, plant machinery and explosives.
Rick Wakeman says he has seen every single event portrayed in the gloriously unlikely rock band satire This Is Spinal Tap, including a drummer having to be re- leased with oxyacetylene equipment from a pod on stage.
Intended for home hobbyists or those wishing to learn at their own pace, the second edition of this beginner's guide to oxyacetylene welding provides step-by-step instructions for performing basic welding tasks in a safe and professional manner.
No-one was hurt in the incident, but firefighters found what is possibly oxyacetylene canisters within the vehicle.
The acetylene gas in combination with oxygen produced oxyacetylene flame used by panel beaters and welders for welding and fabrication work.