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a mixture of oxygen and acetylene

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Oxyacetylene is highly flammable and can explode if it becomes over heated.
Intended for home hobbyists or those wishing to learn at their own pace, the second edition of this beginner's guide to oxyacetylene welding provides step-by-step instructions for performing basic welding tasks in a safe and professional manner.
No-one was hurt in the incident, but firefighters found what is possibly oxyacetylene canisters within the vehicle.
The acetylene gas in combination with oxygen produced oxyacetylene flame used by panel beaters and welders for welding and fabrication work.
When I came back to England I went to the scrapyard in Canning Town and bought steel and an oxyacetylene torch--although I didn't know anything about steel', says Caro.
These include: oxyacetylene welding - basic hand welding using a mixture of oxygen and acetylene.
5 m wide; machining operations; plasma cutting; oxyacetylene cutting; arc welding; MIG welding; TIG welding; SAW welding; hydraulic pressing up to 200 tonnes; drilling / reboring up to 76 mm diameter; plate shearing up to 16 mm thick; angle bar, flat bar, round bar, cropping and punching; radial drilling and blasting / painting.
His company already provides the agency's existing small facilities in the area with cryogenic and high-pressure gases such as oxyacetylene for cutting torches.
This eight week course consists of instruction in hand tools, oxyacetylene cutting and welding techniques, shielded metal arc welding and aluminum gas metal arc welding in various positions, and fiberglass and Zodiac inflatable boat repair.
In this paper it is presented some experimental researches regarding deposited layers using flame thermal spray for primary melting material and WIG source for fusion instead using classic oxyacetylene (mixture of oxygen and acetylene) procedure.
Metal shears, a drill press, a metal lathe, forming stakes and an oxyacetylene torch are strategically placed around the work space and she uses them to create jewelry that "has a life of its own.
Several decades ago, a junior high shop teacher wanted to impress upon his new students the dangers of the oxyacetylene torch.
It is believe the tank had lain unused for a number of years and workers were attempting to cut it using an oxyacetylene burner which sparked the fire.
It would seem that the offender may have used oxyacetylene cutting equipment to try and remove the cable.