oxidizing agent

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a substance that oxidizes another substance

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4] as an oxidizing agent, the value of the total amount of microorganisms on day 60 of the experiment was 4 times more statistically significant than in samples with added [H.
Like fluorine, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide, ozone is a strong oxidizing agent.
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a reducing agent, not an oxidizing agent.
This oxidation potential depends upon the nature of the oxidizing agent and the solvent used, and also upon their concentrations.
By applying a number of common analysis techniques, we came to find some similarities in reactions of different manganese complexes with cerium (IV) ammonium nitrate which is a well-known and popular oxidizing agent.
The other chamber, the cathode, was filled with potassium ferricyanide, a chemical that acts as an oxidizing agent to round out the electrical circuit.
A spray of sodium carbonate, bicarbonate, and trace amounts of one of the iron-ligand catalysts, followed by a spray of the oxidizing agent tertiary butyl hydroperoxide, killed all spores in tests with the bacterium Bacillus atrophaeus, the scientists reported in Pittsburgh last month at the Society of Environmental Journalists annual meeting (see http://www.
Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent and more rapid loss means the presence of more antioxidants.
You can oxidize it to hexavalent chromium if you treat the wood with an aggressive oxidizing agent like a bleach, which is a component of some of the deck washes and deck brighteners.
The oxidizing agent is necessary for the combustion of rocket fuel in the zero-oxygen environment of outer space.
Sunlight activates the dye inside the insects, where it forms a potent oxidizing agent that attacks their tissues, DeMilo explains.
Air pressurized in the MGT's compressor is supplied to the SOFCs for use as an oxidizing agent, and then high-temperature exhaust is fed to the MGT and the heat and pressure, together with the residual fuel, are used to generate power.
Frozen Bakery Additives Market by Types (Color & Flavor, Preservative, Oxidizing Agent, Reducing Agent, Enzyme, Emulsifier, Others), Applications (Frozen Bread, Cake, Pastry, Pizza Crust, Others) & Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2018
It has been found that osmium oxide carried by an aromatic polyolefin maintains its effect as an oxidizing agent even in a mixed solvent system.
Together with peroxititanic acid, an oxidizing agent, these two primary ingredients create a microcrystalline self-cleaning coating approximately 100 nanometers or less in thickness (a nanometer is a billionth of a meter).