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Synonyms for oxidize

enter into a combination with oxygen or become converted into an oxide

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Compared to petroleum-based fluids, vegetable oils thicken too much at temperature extremes because they oxidize readily.
As it enters each pocket, the fluid oxidizes and decomposes in the process, using up the existing air and creating heat.
The product is used to oxidize carbon fiber precursors and oxidize polyacrylonitrile fibers for the production of flame-retardant fabric, reducing the oxidation time from more than 90 minutes to less than 30 minutes while greatly reducing the energy needed to oxidize the fibers.
Cigarette smoke contains highly reactive free radicals--unstable molecules that destructively oxidize other molecules, including DNA.
Says Gutowski, "When you oxidize the surface you actually convert some elements of the plastic into chemically receptive sites, such as hydroxyl [OH] or carboxyl [COOH] groups.
At about 1 percent oxygen, the groundwater became strongly oxidized, making it possible for groundwater seeping through rocks to oxidize organic materials," Kump added.
Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (Mexico) and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Mexico) have patented a method of removing thiophenic and organosulfide compounds from a fossil fuel comprising the steps of contacting the fossil fuel with hemoproteins, which oxidize the sulfur containing compounds to sulfoxides and sulfones in a reaction system containing organic solvent or not, and followed by a distillation step in which sulfoxides and sulfones are removed from the fuel.
Since air, water vapor and other core gases normally are highly oxidizing to liquid metal, a bubble of any of these gases will react aggressively and oxidize the metal as it progresses.
In this case, ozone and several other compounds carried in that air appear to directly oxidize elemental mercury.
Then, to accelerate natural processes that might oxidize the steel, the Florida State scientists created electric potentials between the water and steel.
Stands also oxidize and become fragile with use, and since the cost of a new baseblock is minimal compared to the cost of the crucible and the installation labor, it's wise to use a new stand with each new crucible installation.