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the land inside an oxbow bend in a river

a U-shaped curve in a stream

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a wooden framework bent in the shape of a U

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Governor Dickson, who announced a ban on fishing, dredging and farming activities around the Oxbow lake axis, also restated the Government's readiness to acquire more land in the area and pay appropriate compensation to the owners.
Oxbow's historic water supply exceeded state and federal maximum contaminate levels for arsenic and Oxbow was under a requirement to upgrade its antiquated water system.
Crestview had invested in Oxbow Carbon in 2007 and as a result had the right to appoint two directors to the board.
Oxbow lakes are U-shaped bodies of water formed after the Mississippi River pushed itself outside of its banks and may have been later cut off by erosion or low water in the river.
Hydrological connectivity between an oxbow lake and the river is the governing factor that influences the environment of the oxbow lake (Obolewski 2011).
Technology Recovery Group (TRG) has acquired a 30 percent stake in Oxbow Social Media Monitoring, allowing Oxbow to invest in expanding current and future software developments, and fund new strategic marketing campaigns, the company said.
Since that time, according to BLM data provided to the paper, Oxbow has mined about 583,000 tons--equating to a savings of about $604,000 for the company.
SHEARWAT W ER JET PLANE AND OXBOW IT'S tough being a Shearwater fan sometimes.
Ahead of them, a sudden gust of wind scatters the mist and sunlight breaks through the canopy, flooding the shaded path where it widens into a small clearing sloping down to an oxbow in the river.
The finless porpoises - part of an estimated population of just 1,000 - were captured in Poyang Lake in eastern China before being safely moved 400 km to the He-wangmiao/Ji-cheng-yuan oxbow, where they will start a new population.
CHARLTON -- Selectmen have assessed a $500 fine and issued a warning to Oxbow Variety & Package Store for selling alcohol to a minor.
a world leader in bulk material handling and thermal processing systems, has announced the sale of a turnover railcar dumper barrel to Oxbow Carbon LLC.
These isolated segments eventually become the oxbow lakes and backwater wetlands that are scattered across the Delta landscape.
Nesting activity observed in 2007-2009 on two oxbows (Oxbow 1 and Oxbow 2) at Tishomingo NWR showed that nests made by the reintroduced females tended to be clustered, within and among years.