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a motorist who owns the car that he/she drives

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An Post claimed if the new owner-driver scheme had been opened up to staff aged 60 and over it would have resulted in increased costs.
I was working 12-hour days, but going for my own mail contracts, acting as a co-ordinator between other owner-drivers and courier companies, was something I wanted to develop.
Australia relies on small business operators such as the owner-drivers who are the lifeblood of our transportation industry and the backbone of our economy.
Among these sources are some which may surprise those unfamiliar with the scope of taxi driver culture, including the many autobiographies and memoirs and the highly significant trade newspapers, such as Taxi Weekly, Taxicab Industry Monthly, and Taxi Age, the newspaper of owner-drivers.
Originally, while a few corporations dominated by owning large fleets, independent owner-drivers also comprised a majority of the drivers on the street.
Each of its 34 owner-drivers - known as "members" had to approve the buy-out.
Everyone supports a safer heavy vehicle industry, but clearly the answer is not to put tens of thousands of owner-drivers off the road through a central wage fixing policy.
Consignia, the renamed Post Office, wants more owner-drivers for its struggling parcels business.
Two bills will be introduced into the House to provide certainty and protect the livelihoods of tens of thousands of small business owner-drivers across Australia.
It is time for Labor and the crossbenchers to step up and act in the interests of the tens of thousands of owner-drivers across Australia.
The Northern Territory Government supports the Coalition Governments decision to introduce legislation this month which will delay the introduction of new minimum pay rates for owner-drivers.
Our priority is protecting owner-drivers in the trucking industry and as it stands, the order put forward by the National Road Safety Tribunal threatens these drivers and all who rely on an efficient and competitive road transport industry.
This is a priority for the Government as owner-drivers are the lifeblood of the economy.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is proposing to grant authorisation allowing truck owner-drivers in Queensland, who are providing concrete cartage services, to collectively bargain with Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has granted conditional interim authorisation to allow the Transport Workers Union (Queensland Branch) to commence collective bargaining negotiations on behalf of concrete-truck owner-drivers contracted with Hanson in Queensland.