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having an owner

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605: A 795-SF unit owned by River Market Tower LLC.
Won by Zeenah owned by Royal Oman Police and ridden by Hosni bin Mubarak Al Hajri, second Quantum Du Croate owned by Mahmood bin Salim Al Fairooz and ridden by Al Motasim bin Said Al Balushi, third Mr Ben owned by Mohammed bin Saoud Al Khalili and owned by Hilal bin Said Al Kalbani.
X, Y and Z each owned 24 shares on June 1, 2006, representing approximately 26.
Of those companies, something like 850,000 are owned by men, and around 250,000 are owned by women, she said.
the leverage to use a core of stations it owned to launch a network.
The restaurant considered the busiest per square foot of any in and around Los Angeles is the Huntington Park branch of El Gallo Giro, a seven restaurant chain owned by Frenchman Charles Bonaparte.
For instance, Diane Coles started Image Heart several years ago using all NAWBO owned businesses--and today is a big success story.
The decedent or a member of his or her family must have owned and materially participated in the business for at least five of the decedent's death.
Female owned businesses were also more concentrate in the retail trade industry.
In fact, 48 percent believed they already owned the goods even before the "lease" was completed.
Before the National News purchase, Cliff Connelly already owned the Connelly News Service in the Ottawa area, which distributes La Presse, the New York Times, U.
As the investment manager of Starboard and the managing member of Parche, Admiral Advisors may be deemed to beneficially own the 2,774,471 shares of Common Stock of the Company owned by Starboard and the 528,470 shares of Common Stock of the Company owned by Parche.
In the first round called 'Al Thanaya' for 5 Km 'Al Reem' owned by Badr bin Toirish al-Wahaibi came first; 'Ghazwah' owned by Nasser bin Said al-Amri, came second.
A qualified subchapter S subsidiary (QSub) is a subsidiary corporation 100% owned by an S corporation that has made a valid QSub election for that subsidiary; see Sec.
The number of women-owned firms such as Stein's is growing almost twice as fast as those owned by men, according to the Center for Women's Business Research in Washington, D.