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  • verb

Synonyms for owe

be in debt (to)


  • be in debt (to)
  • be in arrears (to)
  • be overdrawn (by)
  • be beholden to
  • be under an obligation to
  • be obligated or indebted (to)

Words related to owe

be obliged to pay or repay

Related Words

be indebted to, in an abstract or intellectual sense

be in debt

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References in classic literature ?
All that is very well," said Don Quixote; "but let the shoes and the blood-lettings stand as a setoff against the blows you have given him without any cause; for if he spoiled the leather of the shoes you paid for, you have damaged that of his body, and if the barber took blood from him when he was sick, you have drawn it when he was sound; so on that score he owes you nothing.
Lay your hands upon the shoulder of John Carter," she said to them, turning toward me, "the man to whom Helium owes her princess as well as her victory today.
Certainly; and your excellency now owes me 4,999 louis.
The explanation of your conduct in the other room is only one of the explanations which you owe me.
It is quite bad enough to cruelly and unjustly suspect an old f riend who has never forgotten what he owes to you and to himself.
To be sure, he said, they are to receive what we owe them, and an enemy, as I take it, owes to an enemy that which is due or proper to him-- that is to say, evil.
Then if a man says that justice consists in the repayment of debts, and that good is the debt which a man owes to his friends, and evil the debt which he owes to his enemies,--to say this is not wise; for it is not true, if, as has been clearly shown, the injuring of another can be in no case just.
Besides that I owe him a grudge on that account, he thwarts me at this minute, and stands between me and an end which might otherwise prove a golden one to us all.
Meringe owes Somo four heads, three from the dysentery, an' another wan from a tree fallin' on him the last fortnight.
Yes, and there's two heads more that the Arangi owes Somo," Van Horn nodded.
Evidence derived from an inclined stream of lava at the eastern base of the Portillo, might be adduced to show, that it owes part of its great height to elevations of a still later date.
By comparing what a country owes to what it produces, the debt-to-GDP ratio indicates a country's ability to pay back its debt.
To avoid errors in the payment process itself, the department is encouraging those who owe money to pay online.
Under the current system Kisha owes $3,415 to the IRS; had they been able to file jointly and to claim the child tax credit, they'd owe only $1,972.
If you owe less than $25,000 and can repay it within five years, you will generally qualify.