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  • verb

Synonyms for owe

be in debt (to)


  • be in debt (to)
  • be in arrears (to)
  • be overdrawn (by)
  • be beholden to
  • be under an obligation to
  • be obligated or indebted (to)

Words related to owe

be obliged to pay or repay

Related Words

be indebted to, in an abstract or intellectual sense

be in debt

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Almost half (46%) of UK adults owe on a credit card, while a fifth (18%) are in debt through their overdraft and 11 per cent have taken out a personal loan.
Every American now owes $58,604 with a debt-to-GDP ratio of 107.
To avoid errors in the payment process itself, the department is encouraging those who owe money to pay online.
Under the current system Kisha owes $3,415 to the IRS; had they been able to file jointly and to claim the child tax credit, they'd owe only $1,972.
If you owe less than $25,000 and can repay it within five years, you will generally qualify.
If you still owe on your current car, trading it in may not be the best option.
Yet we also owe it to them to protect the future generations of astronauts as much as possible by fully investigating what went wrong Saturday, and how future tragedies can be prevented.
Four of the top ten scofflaws are foreign governments that collectively owe $97.
Overall 157 of the Oireachtas's 226 TDs and senators owe EUR74,941 for meals and beverages, figures revealed.
But 28 per cent of people also owe just under pounds 1,000 on credit cards, while 15 per cent have a loan averaging pounds 1,408 and 15 per cent owe pounds 260 through an overdraft.
The IRS has allowed some taxpayers to settle their debt for as little as 1% of what they owe.
State taxpayers who owe back taxes or returns can look forward to continued enforcement actions in advance of and throughout tax amnesty, which starts next month, according to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).
Q My credit report shows that a creditor has written off what I owe them as a bad debt expense.
We all know that if we owe the IRS money, they'll find us.
Collectors cannot misrepresent the amount you owe, or falsely imply that they represent the government or work for a credit bureau.