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marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea

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Anne Schiller notes that there has been an overzealousness in inquiries into Indonesian Catholic communities to emphasize the ways in which native cultural life was displaced and destroyed by early missionaries in their evangelization exercises.
The danger is that because of their overzealousness they may miss important information.
To continue to adhere unwaveringly to the modernist certainties of old, one must overlook a whole series of interlinked phenomena of the last half-century that cannot but demand a fundamental rethinking of modernity: the fall of communism; the dubious fate of the victorious national liberation movements; the tragic legacies of developmentalist overzealousness, not just of the Bretton Woods institutions, but also of communist and Third World states; the ethnocide and even genocide of minority peoples on account of nationalist and other modes of identity-difference logic; the onset of the global ecological crisis owing to the industrial growth paradigm as well as to Enlightenment humanism; and the list goes on.
I think [there are] also some other [promising] libertarian issues, like right to privacy, the NSA overzealousness.
Many times the said teacher's intensity and overzealousness in delivering the lecture material has been a source of criticism by the students (voice, diction, spirit, enthusiasm, pleasantness, unpleasantness, general mannerisms, strictness, brashness, discipline, administrative sanctions, perceived tough although just behavior--all such characteristics)--so the teacher himself wanted to examine his own effectiveness from the students' evaluation of the courses with regard to intended learning outcomes.
Because of its overzealousness to be glorified as heroes by putting us behind bars, the Ombudsman haphazardly filed information before the Sandiganbayan," Estrada read a statement before reporters.
Driven by a quick-fix mentality and overzealousness to produce glossy results, politicians will dupe the public by doctoring improvements in matric results, but the results will be based on ridiculously low standards.
9) These attorneys may feel justified in what others might deem overzealousness, due to their own family history and resulting sense of moral imperative.
His elaborate shaming device mocks the overzealousness with which she performs her role as mother / nurse / lover.
The EPA's overzealousness in regulating the construction of future power plants means that these reductions may be significantly delayed.
No doubt the figures will raise an interesting debate about whether they reveal the extent of overzealousness or show that people have had enough and are no longer prepared to put up with nonsense excuses.
While some level of overzealousness at the start of the dialogue was expected--as well as the lethargy toward the end--the polarization that followed was not.
History of the Catholic Church avoids offering a series of excuses for the Church's behavior, even when the author does confront corruption and occasional evangelical overzealousness.
The overzealousness of American, "they-will-greet-as-liberators" patriotism was overwritten with traditional Iranian patterns and Arabic texts within the fields of stars and stripes-a kind of artistically forced "conversation" that anticipates the politically corrosive one which has yet to happen.