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Synonyms for overwrought

Synonyms for overwrought

deeply agitated especially from emotion


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Beads of perspiration followed the seams of his high, wrinkled forehead, replacing the tears which might have lessened the pressure upon his overwrought nerves.
So real were the imaginings of my overwrought brain that I broke into a cold sweat in absolute conviction that some beast was close before me; yet the hours dragged, and no sound broke the grave-like stillness of the cavern.
And it would have been cruel to have needlessly burdened these poor, overwrought women with the extra weight of the heavy ivory.
That was the confounded part of it, and sometimes he was so baffled and overwrought by his feelings that he assumed a super-judicial calm and assured himself that his dislike of Tudor was a matter of unsubstantial prejudice and jealousy.
I was taken home, nervous and overwrought, sick with the invasion of my real life by that other life of my dreams.
It comes from nervousness, from an overwrought mind.
By what right did this ragged beachcomber, in dungaree trousers and a cotton shirt, suggest such a thing as peace and content to him and his overwrought, exhausted soul?
Signs of an overwrought brain showed themselves, here and there, as the outline of the play approached its end.
Perhaps his overwrought nerves were playing a sorry joke upon him.
Inside my bed-chamber, I was even more keenly sensible of those weird night-noises in the heavy furniture of a room, of those sudden settlements of extinct coals in the grate, so familiar to bad sleepers, so startling to overwrought nerves
Even Genevieve felt that there was something irresistibly funny in the remark, and the relief of the audience was communicated to her; yet she felt sick and faint, and was overwrought with horror at what she had seen and was seeing.
Yet I was not hysterical nor in any way overwrought.
And Skiff Miller, too overwrought for speech, held up a fore finger for them to see.
Blanche (already overwrought by the excitem ent of the day) had broken into an hysterical passion of tears on hearing the news, and had then, on recovering, taken a view of her own of Anne's flight from the house.
I had come up on deck for a breath of fresh air and to try to get some repose for my overwrought nerves.