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the act of working too much or too long


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That is more than in Japan, where mortality caused by overworking is called 'karoshi' and is a legal cause of death.
Higher education levels make it more likely that women stay in their jobs, but not enough to overcome the discouraging effect of being an overworking mother.
I spent three years living in Japan and experienced first hand how overworking is resulting in death.
It is therefore safe to say that overworking is not good for either party.
Overworking is a serious problem in Japan, where workers are often judged on their dedication and unions typically toe the company line.
Maddux has been outstanding in his three starts as a Dodger but is 40 years old, and Little is mindful of overworking Maddux.
This overworking of the nephrons wears them down," he says, perhaps contributing to kidney failure.