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spend the winter


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Knowing where brown marmorated stink bugs overwinter is essential to future sustainable mitigation strategies, including integrated pest management programs," says Leskey.
inferens in the rice planting area mainly overwinter in rice stubble.
In some cases, Delaware Bay being a good example, overwinter mortality might pose an important management challenge because survey and assessment occurs during the fall and winter so that fishery quotas are set based on the assumption that stock abundance late in the fall approximates the abundance anticipated for the opening of the fishing season in the spring.
One advantage of overwinter gardening is that many plants - kale, especially - improve in flavor after a bout of cold weather.
And if so, would they overwinter in the garden successfully?
Every year toward the end of October millions of monarch butterflies would magically appear to overwinter in the oyamel fir and pine forests at Altamirano's summit, near the Plain of the Mule.
If you were the President of Mexico, what would you do to help protect the monarch butterflies that overwinter in your country?
the Ballona bird proved it can still overwinter -- we need to help them out a little.
Further south in the Michoacan region of Mexico, illegal logging has opened a thick canopy of fir and pine trees and spelled disaster for millions of Monarch butterflies that overwinter there.
Some maintain there are "birds that migrate through Maine or overwinter here before heading to the ANWR coastal plain for breeding.
Size-dependent overwinter mortality of young-of-the-year yellow perch (Perca flavescens): laboratory, in situ, and field experiments.
These insecticides should be applied in late September or early October (in Kentucky), before beetles enter a structure to overwinter.
Ladybirds gather in large clusters to overwinter on dead plant stems, particularly in more sheltered parts of the garden.
Overwinter them so they are at the fruiting stage in early summer, giving them the best chance to ripen if we enjoy a heatwave.