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Synonyms for overwhelm



Synonyms for overwhelm

to affect deeply or completely, as with emotion

to impair severely something such as the spirit, health, or effectiveness of

to affect as if by an outpouring of water

Synonyms for overwhelm

charge someone with too many tasks

cover completely or make imperceptible

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We now face the prospect that the circuit breakers will be triggered relatively frequently and in the absence of strains on system capacity sufficient to overwhelm the financial system and create an ad hoc or destabilizing shutdown.
Madras of Harvard Medical School in Boston: A person could simply take enough cocaine to overwhelm his or her immunity to the drug.
divisions; and third, it allows developers of large-scale new buildings the option of on-site treatment in situations where the additional wastewater would overwhelm the existing municipal sewer system, and might constitute a critical reason for not proceeding with the development.
RAVE, which was developed by Pegasus to enable its own CRSs to cope with the increasing number of shopping inquiries, is the only system available that can help hotels deal with the ever-increasing number of queries that are threatening to overwhelm hotel CRSs.
Hillcoat and Cave clearly have astute ideas to impart, but their passion for gore and grime overwhelms all intellectual activity, and ``The Proposition'' gets commandeered by the Lord of the Flies.
The graceful breadth of this surface almost overwhelms the delicate, black-limned figures, which call to mind the tentative objects of a Giorgio Morandi still life.
The production occasionally overwhelms Brecht's fusion of seething anger and horrific sorrow that was the wellspring of this work.