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Synonyms for overwhelm



Synonyms for overwhelm

to affect deeply or completely, as with emotion

to impair severely something such as the spirit, health, or effectiveness of

to affect as if by an outpouring of water

Synonyms for overwhelm

charge someone with too many tasks

cover completely or make imperceptible

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Determined, at any rate, to overwhelm all his enemies at once in a great satire, he bent all his energies, with the utmost seriousness, to writing 'The Dunciad' on the model of Dryden's 'Mac Flecknoe' and irresponsibly 'dealt damnation 'round the land.
School psychologists can focus on holding those emotions that have forced the child to become reactive and allay the fear that these powerful emotions will overwhelm him.
The total dollars at stake overwhelm efforts to improve quality by surveys, fines, public postings, and the efforts of advocacy groups.
This incentive overwhelms all efforts to the contrary.
The Seaport Community Coalition, representing residents in the area, claims that the twin towers proposed by Milstein -- one proposed at twenty-five floors, the other at fourteen floors threatens to overwhelm the intimate quality of this Historic District.
While there were other contributing factors, a downfall of this proportion only comes from reckless financial stewardship that abuses the company's assets, whether through speculative expenditures or over-leverage, and permits corporate ego to overwhelm management's fiduciary obligations to stakeholders.
How do we increase the effectiveness of checks and balances to prevent situations where corporate egos overwhelm good control systems?
It's easy to understand his artistic dilemma, though: Creating sequences of such uncanny power necessarily upsets the very idea of narrative or thematic resolution; those spellbinding intervals overwhelm not just the characters but the film itself.
Reactive oxygen species can overwhelm the cell's antioxidant defenses.
At that time, the Working Group was concerned about the potential for sharp declines in prices and soaring trading volumes to overwhelm the market infrastructure of trading, clearing, and credit systems.
We now face the prospect that the circuit breakers will be triggered relatively frequently and in the absence of strains on system capacity sufficient to overwhelm the financial system and create an ad hoc or destabilizing shutdown.
After a few days, however, drug cravings can overwhelm their desire to abstain, Landry explains.
divisions; and third, it allows developers of large-scale new buildings the option of on-site treatment in situations where the additional wastewater would overwhelm the existing municipal sewer system, and might constitute a critical reason for not proceeding with the development.
The graceful breadth of this surface almost overwhelms the delicate, black-limned figures, which call to mind the tentative objects of a Giorgio Morandi still life.
The production occasionally overwhelms Brecht's fusion of seething anger and horrific sorrow that was the wellspring of this work.