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Synonyms for overview

Synonyms for overview

a general or comprehensive view or treatment


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a general summary of a subject

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5 Artificial Pancreas Companies and Product Overview 18 5.
Overview of the Online Retailers market in the Europe.
Cardiovascular Devices Early Development Stage Pipeline Products Overview 3S BioMedical, Inc.
Overview of the disease, key therapies, market size and growth, market composition by region, as well as market outlook and forecast
Cardiovascular Devices - United States Pipeline Products Overview By Development Stage Cardiovascular Devices Clinicals Stage Pipeline Products by Indication 3S BioMedical, Inc.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled World Wireless Communication Test and Measurement Market provides an overview of the various product segments, including analysis of the market based on geographic regions, end-user analysis, application analysis, standard analysis, and competitive analysis.
The report offers the leading competitors in the global ammunitions market, a general overview of the companies with their financial position, key products, and market share.
Table 7-1: Toyota - Financial Overview (in Million US$), 2004-2006
It also provides an overview of defining trends spurring development of the new categories and looks at the fast-growing liquid refreshment beverage companies, documenting their performance and indicating what makes them noteworthy.
Figure 1: PharmaVitae universe overview, share of 2005 and 2011 sales (%)
5 Companies Mentioned 12 2 Overview of the US Telecom Market 14 2.
INTENDED AUDIENCE This study reviews EOR technologies, along with relevant market and production information, technological descriptions and issues, applications and market factors and potential and gives an overview of supporting incentives and regulations in major worldwide markets.
This Frost & Sullivan research entitled "Latin America Mobile Enterprise Market" provides an overview of the mobile enterprise markets in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, including key information such as drivers, restraints, challenges and trends that are likely to impact the current status of the market.
Company Overview & Technology Focus Key Personnel Key Milestones Products/Technologies Research Activities Key Agreements & Alliances Financial Data (where available) Contact Details The ability to readily assess the companies involved, compare areas of research interest, profile products being developed, identify strategic collaborations and evaluate performance/funding is key to understanding this market.