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Synonyms for overvaluation

an appraisal that is too high

too high a value or price assigned to something

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Specifically, the court said section 4975 was intended to avoid the potential for overvaluations of property to the detriment of the plan, such as would have occurred had Wood succeeded in discharging a $114,000 funding obligation with notes having a value of only $94,430.
California and Florida, which had experienced the greatest incidence of overvaluation in recent years, and Michigan, which has been hit hard by the slumping economy in the "Rust Belt," accounted for 43 of the 50 largest price declines in the period.
Nor have they publicly acknowledged their frequent contributions to creating this overvaluation.
To summarize, we have presented evidence that capital inflows can result in overvaluation in nonindustrial countries and that overvaluation can hamper overall growth.
Such action could assist with tackling issues of tax evasion through undervaluation, money laundering through overvaluation, and gemstone smuggling through misdescription, all mechanisms employed by transnational organized criminals, that well-informed frontline officers could truncate or disrupt.
But due to overvaluation and overbuilding, the housing market will go flat soon, Thornberg predicts.
In the financial collapse and subsequent macroeconomic crisis caused by the overvaluation of many of the Asian currencies, many of these loans went bad.
Prompted by a dramatic increase in consumer complaints about appraisal fraud and overvaluation, the National Community of Reinvestment Coalition recently unveiled its plans for establishing The Center For Responsible Appraisals and Valuations, which will make public the names of housing-related businesses and companies that agree to the Center's code.
In a speech to the Institute of Economic Affairs, MPC member Kate Barker said: 'In view of the evidence on affordability, and the balance of arguments over overvaluation, the likelihood of some decline in house prices, at least relative to earnings, seems now to be much greater than that of a significant increase.
This was the case in the overvaluation of certain residual tranches in securitizations in recent years, when there was no active market for these assets.
It said some of this could be explained by falling interest rates boosting demand combined with slower growth in the number of homes being built since the early 1990s, but it added there was still a significant degree of unexplained overvaluation.
And recalling how inflated boom-time technology profits were extrapolated to justify gross equities overvaluation (as well as over-borrowing), inflated household income growth is these days used to assert the reasonableness of both inflated housing values and surging consumer debt loads.
The overvaluation increased French expenditure in Indochina, encouraged capital flight to France, and promoted illicit traffic in piastres (which could be bought for eight francs in Hong Kong and sold for seventeen in Saigon or in France).
There is increasing concern that strong demand for residential real estate in major urban markets has led to property overvaluation and that the price bubble will burst in 2004.
CBT targets the extreme dietary restriction and overvaluation placed on shape and/or weight that are core features of bulimia nervosa.