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exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

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Here is the real rub: The pediatrician in that scenario was simultaneously being graded on quality as defined by patient satisfaction (Mom wants a prescription) and overutilization of antibiotics.
THE ED IS A BIG CONTRIBUTOR TO OVERUTILIZATION 8% Patients Sent Home Before Imaging Results are Returned CT 5% Ultrasound 15% MRI 16% The averaged unused CT contains a radiation dose equipment to 2 years of natural exposure The average unused radiology test adds $170 to a patient's bill Excessive radiation may be responsible for 1-3% of cancers Note: Table made from bar graph.
Now, several months later, home health care overutilization and costs are beginning to decline, as patient care is monitored by RGVHA and appropriately coordinated among each ACO patient's team of care providers.
The real owners of the clinics - usually private equity firms - are in the dental business for profit, and encourage overutilization of Medicaid services by dictating treatment plans or setting quotas for the number of procedures that dentists should perform.
Marc Cohen and chiropractors at clinics linked to the brothers faced charges in 2005 from licensing officials over allegations of improper billing and overutilization of treatment.
Authorities' concerns about overutilization of drug tests, which in a few cases has led to indictments of laboratory executives, should cause treatment center managers to analyze the mechanics of their relationship with outside testing companies.
Delen explained a complete airport can be simulated in this software to identify which gates are being overutilized and what kind of planning can be put in place to decrease the number of minutes in flight delays because of that overutilization.
GAO was asked to assess beneficiary access to physician services and to identify indicators of potential overutilization of physician services.
Providing recommendations and oversight mechanisms for services including medication management to promote quality of life and prevent overutilization.
What is most disheartening is a key assumption in Congress that overutilization of medical services is the problem and more regulation of physicians is the solution.
As a result, we prevent wasteful - and potentially harmful - overutilization that translates to billions in unnecessary expenditures.
Because of that, they can "create unrealistic expectations among patients and lead to overutilization of inappropriate and costly, unproven technologies," said Kevin Bozic, a board director of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (Rosemont IL).
to purchase or otherwise contract for the provision of diagnostic tests and then to realize a profit when billing Medicare may lead to patient and program abuse in the form of overutilization of services and result in higher costs to the Medicare Program.
The firm's managers had rationalized overutilization of insurance risk transfer as a result of the European parent's limited knowledge of the litigious U.