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exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

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It has been assumed that men's behaviour is natural and inherent and that the focus therefore becomes the overutilisation of services by women rather than the underutilisation of services by men (Courtenay, 2000).
the overutilisation of specific inputs and under-provision of outputs) a number of points may be noted.
Pathology services will have to formulate strategies to address both under-and overutilisation of laboratory tests and ensure that the proper use of clinical laboratory testing contributes to improved patient care.
8) In fact, there is ample evidence of overutilisation of such services, and it remains unclear who should pay for unnecessary medical services--the patient, the doctor, the hospital or the state coffer.
The findings of a recent population-based study confirm that there is equivalence in survival after MI between patients who receive ARBs versus ACEIs, and that there is some evidence for increasing overutilisation of ARBs, which may be inappropriate, given their substantially higher cost.