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Synonyms for overuse

exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

make use of too often or too extensively

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Consumer Group Highlights The Overuse of Drugs In Food Animals During CDC's "Get Smart About Antibiotics Week"
There are, however, many causes of hip pain and as in all overuse injuries, your diagnosis should come from a sports medicine professional.
Van Nuys Notre Dame coach Jody Breeden, who just finished his 12th season, said he's seen coaches overuse pitchers.
Younger players are more likely to suffer overuse injuries, especially to their lower extremities, possibly due to less flexibility and weakness in certain muscle groups.
The key to successful recovery is to avoid overuse.
May 26 /PRNewswire/ -- In the face of a looming epidemic of overuse injuries among young athletes, CATZ -- Competitive Athlete Training Zone -- issued a warning to parents about the hidden risks of Summer Sports Camps.
Mark Chassin, MD, MPP, MPH, Professor & Chair of Health Policy at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, has defined poor-quality care using an overuse/undersuse/misuse construct in which overuse refers to provision of a service when the risk exceeds the potential benefit and underuse refers to failure to provide an effective service when it would have produced a favorable outcome.
Physicians and patients have become far too complacent about antibiotic overuse and its subsequent danger of increasing microbial drug resistance," says Orlow.
Authors stated that nVNS was safe, well tolerated and effective in many patients and may reduce medication overuse and medication associated adverse events
VALENCIA, SPAIN -- Single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation shows promise for treatment of migraine with medication overuse headache, according to a pilot study.
His main research interest includes clinical aspects and treatment of migraine and headache in general and more specifically the pathophysiology and management of tension-type headache, medication overuse headache and trigeminal neuralgia.
A retrospective study led by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH), has found an overuse of colonoscopies for colorectal cancer screening and surveillance.
That image, however, has led to the overuse of heart stents, small metal mesh tubes that are inserted in an artery, during angioplasty.
The Pew campaign, known as "Superbug Showdown," noted that antibiotic overuse in agricultural animals helps breed such antibiotic-resistant bacteria.