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look down on

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John Mosedale, Flood Risk Manager at Environment Agency Wales, said: "We are concerned that the sea surge could overtop defences along the coast of Wales.
Hanson says that about 57,000 of the 80,000 dams in the National Inventory of Dams have potential to overtop.
Brian Reilly followed the evening's trend in attacking late down the middle of the course and held off the gambled-on Overtop Way, although the rider did receive a one-day ban(July 25) for careless riding in hampering Primed Up.
Sit down, sit down," he growled, for he hated--or pretended to hate-big men to overtop him, even in the more physical matter of height which of course none of us can help.
If mismanaged, tidal flows, which often contain salinity concentrations in excess of ANZECC (2000) irrigation criteria, can overtop the drain levee bank causing inundation of low-lying floodplains with saline or brackish water.
Given in marriage by her father, the bride wore a floor-length satin organza tank with attached overtop and full skirt.
The commitments concern cyanazine-based peas and beans herbicide in Britain, Austria and Sweden ; ingredient imazethapyr, including brand name Overtop, for the treatment of soybeans in Italy ; kresoxim-methyl, including brand name Discus, as fungicide for fruits in Germany and Austria ; and a licence to use BASF's PGR products Cyter and Terpal in France and Ireland.
But the emergency gates were designed to be opened only when Folsom Lake is so full it threatens to overtop the dam.
Approximately 15 percent of that same shoreline has a high probability of experiencing overwash, where surge and waves overtop dunes.
She fears it will overtop the step and make it into the house.
It is warning people in coastal communities not to walk or drive too close to the seafront to look at waves which are expected to be large enough to overtop defences.
A black and white polka dot waterfall-style overtop with a camisole underneath and ivory linen trousers.
Large storm events overtop the river banks and have caused significant destruction to historic features such as stone walls, a cobblestone roadway and a pond.
If other trees overtop them, kiss your intolerant trees goodbye.
Even those that were designed to overtop in smaller floods were sandbagged to prevent that from occurring.