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work done in addition to regular working hours

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Overtime work is work in excess of standard contractual hours.
The second highest overtime payment to an individual officer last year was PS21,000 paid to a police constable by Dyfed Powys Police.
On a monthly basis, overtime cannot exceed 30 hours of daytime work or 20 hours of nighttime work.
In November, the ministry had proposed a standard payment for overtime, better patient management so as state surgeons can operate on more patients and limiting the 15 categories of specialties that are paid overtime to two so that no one can abuse the system.
The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), which regulates overtime, currently imposes no limits on overtime hours, nor does it prohibit dismissal or any other sanction for declining overtime work.
Overtime period four saw DeJesus score from the 3 and add the conversion rush, while Murdock fullback Chad Jandris tallied from the 3 and a conversion rush by Ard deadlocked it at 34-34.
A keen eye toward preventing overtime and proactively managing the gap between scheduled hours and budgeted hours will go a long way to improving your bottom line.
Staff who did unpaid overtime each worked an average of six hours 36 minutes extra a week, worth pounds 4,310 a year - and an increase of pounds 474 since 2008.
Employees who work significant amounts of overtime may not be physically/mentally capable of performing their jobs," said Wendy Watanabe, Los Angeles County auditor-controller, in her 12-page report.
As revealed in yesterday's paper, the city's Tory group has dubbed the pounds 3m in overtime payments to the city's 340 workers in rubbish collecting and street cleaning teams "a scandal of epic proportions".
Labor laws have been designed to encourage employers to hire additional workers rather than engage current employees in overtime, since overtime is more expensive for employers than regular time.
Can employees bring civil actions to claim for overtime pay?
And as far as overtime being "built into" a wage, it doesn't work that way.
The new regulations made a lot of changes in rules, to make it easier for employers to determine who is and who is not exempt from overtime pay.
California companies seem to be getting most of the heat as the number of white-collar lawsuits directed at overtime pay has been on the rise in the state since 2001 when a claim was filed against Los Angeles-based Farmers Insurance Exchange, a unit of Farmers Insurance Group.