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work done in addition to regular working hours

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The report, now released publicly for the first time, recognises the department needed to pay overtime but reveals the lack of control held by senior managers and says "some of the claims are open to challenge".
Again, recognizing that overtime applies when an employee works in excess of 40 hours in a week is important.
The Court found that Michalowski's contract for a salary "inclusive of all hours to be worked" was actually an improper attempt to contract out of the overtime provisions in the Employment Standards legislation.
The total compensation due to her - including overtime - is computed as follows:
The DOL revised the tests to determine whether white-collar employees are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) minimum wage and overtime requirements.
The multimillion dollar lawsuits come as no surprise since laws governing overtime are stricter in California than in other states.
State Farm required the adjusters to work long hours on a daily basis, and often on weekends, without overtime compensation, Marlin said.
In 2001, employees in the prime age group (25-54) worked overtime more frequently than younger or older employees - 13% more for women and 18% more for men - although most overtime hours were worked by older employees.
The new regulations also cover a host of other overtime issues, including stronger overtime protections for blue-collar workers, police and fire officers, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, and licensed practical nurses.
However, public employers who have a contractual or state statutory obligation to pay overtime will continue to be required to meet those contractual and statutory obligations.
Now Uncle Sam has rewritten the overtime regulations.
The program, available to government employees since the mid-1980s, would allow private-sector workers to bank up to 160 hours of overtime.
California and federal laws are onerous in this area, and both permit personal liability upon the officers and managers who controlled the decision not to pay overtime.
Over 50% of unionized workers in Japan work overtime without pay on an average of 29.
a substantial proportion of Canadians who work for large employers regularly engage in overtime work--and are more likely not to be paid for it;