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This oath was no longer a vain menace; for the fastest sailer in the Mediterranean would have been unable to overtake the little tartan, that with every stitch of canvas set was flying before the wind to Leghorn.
If it is any one who wishes to overtake us, let him come.
At the very moment when Vronsky thought that now was the time to overtake Mahotin, Frou-Frou herself, understanding his thoughts, without any incitement on his part, gained ground considerably, and began getting alongside of Mahotin on the most favorable side, close to the inner cord.
And yet such a death was sure to overtake him if he persisted.
Mark Lewis, the IAM's director of standards, said: "We have no idea of the speed aspect of this clip, but regardless, the vehicle towing a trailer appears to follow the first overtaking vehicle on an overtake that is not safe.
YouTube is littered with footage of awful, close overtakes of cyclists (and other vulnerable road users) and this video aims to tackle this.
According to India-based HDFC Bank (NSE: HDFC), mobile banking is expected to overtake Internet banking in the next few years.
He said soon after he saw the defendant's Renault Clio, which had been travelling behind the Focus, pull out in an attempt to overtake the same taxi.
The London-based Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) said Japan is likely to follow a weak currency policy in future, which means that India will overtake its GDP in dollar terms earlier than previously expected.
Brazil will overtake Britain in 2023, as the world's fifth largest economy.
Dubai International Airport is set to overtake London Heathrow as the world's busiest airport next year, News24.
On at least two occasions, after blocking the middle lane for an eternity, the defeated drivers simply gave up trying to overtake and tucked back in behind the truck they were trying to pass.
These roads in the UAE are not 'Freeways' where you can drive or overtake in ANY lane.
Eric Lamb, prosecuting, said that Mr Gregory pulled out to overtake the Audi but Hampson, who was travelling at an estimated 80mph, tried to squeeze past, clipped the people carrier and sent it into a spin.
A WITNESS to a fatal road smash saw a driver try to overtake her on an icy road and thought, "You idiot", a court heard yesterday.