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Synonyms for oversupply

an amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate

Synonyms for oversupply

the quality of being so overabundant that prices fall

supply with an excess of

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This Comment uses the oversupply problem in the Pacific Northwest
The government have got to try and look at ways to reduce the oversupply," he said.
In the short term, Alpen Capital maintains a cautious outlook of the UAE residential market due to prevalent oversupply situation in the market.
The oversupply in Dubai will see a rebalancing in the type of products that existing developments are providing," he said.
Phillipe Boissean, president of Total Gas & Power, said Chinese demand could grow to between 250-400 Bcm by 2020 compared with 110 Bcm in 2010 with Asian buyers ready to pay prices higher than traded gas markets, meaning that the oversupply could be wiped out in three years.
He said: "There's an oversupply, or a lot to choose from, and landlords have been bringing those rents down.
Before the financial crisis became a reality a severe oversupply problem had become apparent in the popular Bulgarian regions.
Weak steel demand in the Gulf region might lead to oversupply in the market forcing prices to fall further in the coming weeks, steel traders said.
DUBAI: Weak steel demand in the Gulf region might lead to oversupply in the market forcing prices to fall further in the coming weeks, steel traders said on Monday.
UBS aviation analyst David Strauss wrote, "We think significant oversupply on the used market, particularly in small/midsize aircraft, will continue to overhang new aircraft orders.
The 16th International Conference on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG -16) and the 10th Forum of Gas Exporting Countries (FGEC) is being held in a context marked by sharp decline of LNG prices, sliding down from $12 to $4 per mBtu (million British thermal units), chiefly because of oversupply in world gas market, experts attending the conference said.
Australia has forecast a dramatic surge in gas exports over the next six years, powered by strong Asian demand, in a bullish prediction that runs counter to fears that the global market is heading into oversupply.
however, we do not see significant oversupply due to expected construction delays in the planned mega residential communities," the report said.
Belden has introduced a new adaptive enclosure heat containment (AEHC) system for data centers that will ensure the entire room is normalized with cold air to just the right amount, with no wasteful oversupply of cooling.
Members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) should respect their output targets to prevent oversupply from worsening, Nozari said.