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Synonyms for oversupply

an amount or quantity beyond what is needed, desired, or appropriate

Synonyms for oversupply

the quality of being so overabundant that prices fall

supply with an excess of

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Molybdenum concentrates oversupplied situation pushed down the price.
The Seaway Pipeline expansion completed on Friday means 400,000 barrels of crude oil can now be brought each day from the oversupplied midcontinent market around Cushing, Oklahoma, to refiners on the Gulf Coast.
At least five districts in the emirate of Abu Dhabi are severely underserved in terms of medical service provision, while a number of other areas could potentially be oversupplied, say senior health officials.
When this new law kicks in, they're probably not going to be able to afford most of the places that are oversupplied.
The market is now oversupplied with ships due to the abundance of cheap money following the financial crisis.
Summary: Oversupplied though the office market may be, a combination of attractive office space deals, good regional location, and a smaller supply pipeline should be keeping those in the industry upbeat.
Summary: OPEC needs to comply more closely with its oil output targets as the market is oversupplied, the head of Libya's National Oil Corporation said on Saturday ahead of its meeting to set policy.
Materials must be usefull oversupplied by the contractor to ensurement the smooth performance of thesis works.
The recovery in residential unit prices in 2012 and beyond in Dubai will be driven by economic growth, improving investor sentiment, and improving global economic scenario although the market is expected to remain oversupplied in the near term, Alpen said in its GCC Construction Industry report.
Summary: The Middle East gasoline market is oversupplied in line with global ample supply .
Shukri Ghanem, said all OPEC members should respect their quotas as the oil market was oversupplied.
In particular, there is a need to fill the following functions / profiles - Planning Engineer- Repairman (plumbing and central heating)- Plumber~s assistantMaterials usefull need to be oversupplied by the contractor to ensurement smooth performance or thesis works.
In Abu Dhabi, while the market is in fact currently undersupplied, it continues to behave as if it is oversupplied, said Hashmi.