overstuffed chair

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a comfortable upholstered armchair

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Grandmama put Gigi down and walked over to Mama's brand-new overstuffed chair.
They also have a very fine down-filled couch that was custom built for them in Europe and a comfortable overstuffed chair they wanted to save.
When I motion toward the overstuffed chair, an afghan I brought from home flung on its back, and say "Come in, Elise," she smiles briefly, flops easily into the chair and begins talking.
Cardboard boxes or firewood stacked next to a house, a porch with a couch, overstuffed chair or other obviously flammable ember-catchers;
Piling up pillows to raise herself on a standard bed doesn't work well, and sleeping in an overstuffed chair with her feet propped up is not comfortable.
Her box houses an old overstuffed chair, stairs, enlarged pictures of her grandmother, mother and herself, and a trunk of toys, which she cleverly sprayed--from a distance--with white paint so it appears "dusty.
His attention spirals simultaneously inward and outward, from the account he's reading of a 19th century arctic exploration tragedy to the distractions in his study; to the wooden model of a whaleboat; to the craft of boat-building; to the sunlight, leaves and birds just outside his window; to the trees and river beyond; to the fearsome intensity of whaling; and back to his study with its overstuffed chair.
my study, a dark paneled book-lined room simply furnished with a work table and an overstuffed chair, but; with windows and wide doors overlooking a shady wooded glen.
As 'Da Beat propels the hands of the Drummers and the feet of 'Da Dancers, a Masterpiece Theatre-like commentator is rolled on stage in an overstuffed chair, reading from an oversized dictionary.
Whatever a computer does when it "does a read" of something, it probably doesn't settle in an overstuffed chair with printed matter, eye glasses, and a good cup of tea in hand, which I suspect is what Rose Macaulay had in mind.
If you have a sofa, an overstuffed chair, a mattress or a box spring you would like to get rid of, Recycling Center director Ruth Kaminski wants you to know that you won't have to wait until September, when the end-market truck traditionally arrives to take them away.
My neighbor and I walked up McGowen Creek Road one recent morning, appreciating the pristine nature of the hills, only to see that somebody had dumped an overstuffed chair and a wooden cabinet alongside the road.
Now she gazed out a picture window from an overstuffed chair in the Seattle Club Car, taking in the vast expanses of north-central Nevada.
The window on the other side of the entranceway featured a dark leather overstuffed chair with ottoman; a light brown velvet sofa; and a velvet living room chair with ottoman.