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upholstered thickly and deeply

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A lot of people would prefer not to think about their overstuffed bellies right now, but local belly dancers will draw attention to theirs during a dinner-time performance Saturday at El Jarro Azul, 764 Blair Blvd.
The restaurant has seating for 40 people and combines overstuffed armchairs with beach art on the walls to create a relaxed atmosphere.
Based in London, Swash presented "Equatorial Symphony," a ready-to-wear collection overstuffed with jeweled panther heads, lush foliage and elegant dogs modeled after their pet Whippet, Candy.
The "Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage," Tawil Fadiha, acts as Santa Claus before being unmasked and singing "a heartfelt message" to the Christian world, while holding a baby girl and overstuffed toy dog.
At breakfast, short stacks of fluffy pancakes big enough to cover a plate, overstuffed omelets, homemade corned beef hash and chunky French toast fly out of the kitchen like edible magic carpets.
And, of late, it must be said, also muttering, which, spookily, relates to the column I was reading about the current depressing fashion for working on a Sunday, to get a head start on one's overstuffed week.
Inside the large, overstuffed bear, giraffe, or hippo is a removable, fully lined sleeping bag
The Gigantic Reader: Overstuffed with Irresistible Information" is a massive collection of facts and trivia to entertain for hours on end while enriching the mind.
Instead of greeting the New Year feeling like an overstuffed turkey, start the resolutions early and have a healthy holiday.
Tyson must have quite an overstuffed file cabinet from which he selected his material.
The overstuffed backpack, the missing homework, the unused planner, the test he did not know about.
In a nutshell: A short play, overstuffed with weighty themes and splendidly performed.
Unfortunately, overstuffed garbage bags would line downtown sidewalks at the close of business every day, and sit overnight--or longer--before being collected.
You've just got to look at the overstuffed sofa that is Ms Abbott to realise that her need for full English with all the trimmings is far greater than most.
Personable, professional and with zero attitude, King, tuxedoed with a black bow tie, treats you like a guest in his warm and lushly furnished home, with its huge black marble fireplace, overstuffed sofas and easy chairs.