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Synonyms for overstrung

being in a tense state

too tightly strung

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And this time, that uncertainty has been exacerbated by the worst recession since the Great Depression and the past decade's steep back-to-back bear markets, leaving investors overstrung and jumpy.
But given the widespread and extensive damage, the security system's command console should have been flashing like an overstrung Christmas tree.
Its soothing effect on overstrung nerves contributes very substantially to the maintenance of public morale and productive output,' he claimed.
To be sure there are those who will rave at it, setting up a fractious bleating about how organic farming must inevitably produce 'a new peasant underclass, which the eco-toffs and their nouveau-riche hangers-on would supervise from the balconies of their country houses', but this type of overstrung, hysterical heckler always lets himself down in the very first sentence of his argument, for the chief ingredient that gives fire to his opinions is always a gross personal dislike of certain classes of his fellow men.
The overstrung tenseness that is often associated with Ts'ao Chih's later creations is apparent here as well.