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Booster: To raise the intensity level even more (but only if you feel comfortable with it; don't overstress your body), Kenkhuis suggests different strokes: "Swim 10 laps of butterfly with just 10 seconds' rest after each lap.
You will overstress your Achilles tendon and plantar fascia if you just jump out there barefoot right away.
Hills spokesman Graham Sharpe summed up the mood of the industry when he said: 'You cannot overstress the importance of getting at least one of those to fail and you can be sure we will be celebrating.
Competency of the Viscoplasticity Theory Based on Overstress (VBO), a phenomenological model, at addressing the experimental data gathered from PC is presented following an introduction to the differential formulation and mathematical functions central to the model.
Finally, I can't overstress the importance of having a powerful closing sentence.
As they write in World Class Reliability: Using Multiple Environment Overstress Tests to Make it Happen (AMACOM; $39.
It is equally important not to overtax or overstress those who already have a lot to do.
This incident, classified as a Class C mishap, involved the second highest overstress of a T-34 where the crew survived.
We chose the competitively priced, high performance Anadigics family of amplifier products as they support the broadest range of UMTS/LTE frequency bands, offer scalable power levels within a single footprint, and enable rugged designs capable of withstanding electrical overstress conditions.
Operating without the limit switches will overstress the winch and can cause a breakdown.
Most horses injure themselves running long distances so that's why I'm running him short all the time, so that he doesn't have to overstress himself.
Given the chronic shortage of platelets, this additional burden might overstress the system," says James P.
The parachute is designed to be used as a last resort if any of the following scenarios occur during flight: mid-air collision; severe weather upset; power loss with poor visibility; loss of control; engine out over hostile terrain; structural failure; pilot medical trauma; and overstress.
Dancers use them primarily for chronic overuse injuries, such as tendinitis or overstress injuries like ankle sprains.